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The Fort Lauderdale Intersections With the Most Red-Light Runners

Data is starting to come together in Fort Lauderdale's red-light camera program, which dished out more than 25,000 tickets between September 2010 and February 2012. A lot of it is more complicated than just the raw numbers (Where's that money going? How many people are actually paying them? What about challenges in court?), but there are a few numbers that manage to speak for themselves -- the ones that list where those tickets are given out.

According to a report given to the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, the intersection with the most camera-sensed red-light violations is... (drumroll? No? OK.): the intersection of Sunrise Boulevard and NW 15th Avenue.

The data is a bit old (late 2010), and driver behavior may have changed like they hoped it would, but the numbers show that 2,631 violations were recorded in less than three months at that intersection. The average number of violation per intersection where there are red light cameras was 1,058.

The intersection next on the list of red-light runners was State Road 84 and SW Ninth Avenue, with 1,403 violations in the same time frame.

The report also includes evaluations for the new cameras that were approved last week -- expect a map of them tomorrow morning, but know that they looked at 15 more Fort Lauderdale intersections and found the weird diagonal one at Oakland Park Boulevard and Federal Highway was the most lucrative for snagging violators, with the intersection of West Cypress Creek Road and Powerline Road being number two.

And here's the report, if you want to root around yourself: