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And Now for Something Completely Different

I know Donald Trump and even Gov. Rick Scott seem incredibly insignificant next to the news of the killing of the world's most evil terrorist mastermind, but really now, how much sweet revenge can you take all at once? So let's go to the photo file. This one's a shot of Trump and our governor at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on Saturday night: 


The filthy-rich duo were sitting at the same table, and in the photo, Scott was having one of those rare moments when he was allowed to laugh at the barbs being tossed at his hero. Or maybe he was just preparing to feed on the neck of the unsuspecting woman next to him -- you never really know with Scott. Whatever the case, for much of the evening, our governor sat there with a look of concern while Trump became increasingly unamused at the jokes being lobbed at his expense by the president and that guy from SNL

Inside, you can see Scott's stock expression when graced with Trump's presence during normal times. It's heartwarming.

Here it is:  

Politically Scott generally lapdogs the Tea Party -- and he patronized that crowd again in his official statement about the killing of bin Laden (as if the governor of Florida has any reason to release such a statement). Here's the key excerpt: 

"I am so proud of our dedicated military men and women and our intelligence community for not giving up in our pursuit of justice. I am grateful for their tenacity and their deep sacrifices. President Barack Obama should also be commended for doing the right thing and following through with the promise of justice initially given by President George W. Bush."

So Obama was just following Bush, right, governor? Apparently without Dubya, Obama never would have thought to go after the terrorist leader. But the biggest surprise in the Bin Laden aftermath for me was that Congressman Allen West actually congratulated Obama, fully and without any qualifiers, in his own statement. It was actually shocking to see. I have to say I didn't expect it all from West. Maybe he's growing a wee little bit? 

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