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FBI Agents Raid Office of Doctor Who Allegedly Provided Sen. Bob Menendez With Underaged Prostitutes

FBI agents raided the West Palm Beach medical office of Dr. Salomon Melgen, an eye doctor and contributor to New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

Menendez is part of the eight Democratic and Republican senators who have joined Marco Rubio in putting together an immigration reform bill.

The doctor is suspected of providing free trips to Menendez to the Dominican Republic while also providing him with underaged Dominican Republic prostitutes (Menendez has denied the accusations, calling them "fallacious allegations").

The FBI packed its vans and hauled away evidence from Melgen's office late Tuesday night.

The feds are investigating Melgen's finances as well as his trips and being chummy with underaged hookers from his native Dominican Republic.

According to records, Melgen owes the IRS $11.1 million for taxes from 2006. A previous IRS lien for $6.2 million was released in 2011.

Yet Melgen has been flying around in his private CL-600 Challenger plane, often going to D.R. Also, according to Florida and federal campaign records, the good doctor has contributed at least $357,000 to candidates and committees since 1998, with a chunk of that going to Menendez's federal campaigns.

As for Menendez, he's flown on Melgen's plane when he was chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee from 2009 to 2011, according to his own office.

One spokeswoman had previously said Menendez and Melgen are longtime friends.

But the big problem for Menendez came in the form of a Daily Caller interview with two alleged underaged Dominican prostitutes. The girls told the website they had sex with the senator in Melgen's Dominican Republic mansion in Casa de Campo.

Now, with Menendez about to be chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, reports of a 58-page dossier of emails between a Miami FBI agent and a tipster began to surface.

"I'm not going to respond to the fallacious allegations of your story," Menendez told the Daily Caller on Monday.

Whether the FBI finds any real evidence linking the senator to underaged Dominican prostitutes remains to be seen. For now, Melgen is the one in hot water.

But things could get messier in the coming days.

And if these prostitution allegations turn out to be true, at least one specific senator thinks Menendez should be fired, as this specific senator suggested should happen to the Secret Service agents that allegedly hooked up with prostitutes in Colombia last year.

The specific senator who suggested that? Bob Menendez of New Jersey: