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Boca Teen Set Cars and American Flags On Fire

A Boca teen and a couple of his friends drove around West Boca Raton in his parent's Chrysler convertible, setting random cars on fire.

According to this report, Nick DeSalvo and his friends also set fire to American flags.

Police were able to nab DeSalvo thanks to surveillance footage of the teens setting fires to cars within a two-day stretch.

The teens caused thousands of dollars in damage to the cars, though DeSalvo denies he was the one setting them off. He says he was only driving the car.

Dan Wantz remembered the frantic moments at 6 a.m. on Aug.3.

"One of my neighbors comes pounding on my window saying, your car's on fire," Wantz said.

"If the car had exploded, it would have taken out all these trailers," Wantz said.

Cops were able to ID the white Chrysler and traced it back to DeSalvo's parents. According to the report, his parents had no comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, at least one victim was told by her mechanic that it would cost $1,000 to repair the damage done to her car's fuel lines, thanks to the fire.

DeSalvo was arrested and charged with six counts of arson. According to court documents, he has been released from custody. His friends have not been charged.

So, to recap: West Boca teens need to find a hobby. Join a sports league, or karate. A sewing club, something.

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