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Morning Juice: Divorced and Friendless in Boca, Chess Champ Would Be Unknown if Not So Hot

Divorcing Couples Forced to Live Together, Apparently Have No 'Buddies'

The economy is so bad that couples going through divorces are forced to live with each other because they can't sell their houses. Here's an excerpt from the Associated Press story that explains the problem and includes a couple from Boca, Kellie and Ken Kuecha:

Kellie Kuecha says they have separate bedrooms in the Boca Raton home and are dating other people.

Here's the thing. Yeah, sure, this is a story about divorced couples being forced to live together because of the housing bubble. But this is also a story about people who apparently have no distant relatives or even remotely nice acquaintances. Because, if I'm understanding the Associated Press correctly, Kellie and Ken Kuecha would rather live with the person they're divorcing than, say, any other person on the planet.

After the jump, what's a horse going to do with all that money?

Kiss the Kid Clinches Horse Race, Takes My Rent

A 6-year-old horse named Kiss the Kid won the $100,000 Fort Lauderdale Stakes at Gulfstream Park this weekend. Kiss the Kid now has $534,767 in total winnings, including a bit of money that I used to call rent. In related news, how much flippin money has this horse won?

Chess Champ Would Be Unknown if Not So Hot

Turns out that the women's world champion of chess lives right here in South Florida. Super cool, huh? Want to know more about how early she moves out her rook, eh? Yeah, ok, nobody gave a shit until it turns out Alexandra Kosteniuk is also a totally smokin' 24-year-old who's willing to pose on the beach with a chess piece in hand for this Miami Herald article. Given all that, then yeah, she's totally cool and deserving of a big-ass spread in the newspaper. Oh, and to answer the aforementioned question: early. Really, early, you dirty rook.

-- Eric Barton