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Glenn Beck Endorses Allen West for Presidency

Glenn Beck has endorsed Allen West for the presidency. Also, he's endorsed Michelle Bachmann for veep, Ron Paul for Treasury secretary, and "Rambo for everything else." (America must hope Beck would rethink the latter notion if he saw the last John Rambo flick.)

This came during the conspiracy theorist's and soon-to-be-ex-Fox-flagship-personality's Saturday appearance in Tallahassee. According to the Tallahasee Democrat, Beck:

...drew a loudly appreciative crowd for an evening appearance two blocks from Florida's Capitol, mixing standup comedy with personal observations and testaments to his Christian faith. Beck last week announced that he and FOX will part later this year, but he told the crowd he will continue propounding his beliefs "in a different way" -- which he did not reveal.

Beck's religious musings were mostly of the smiting-and-burning variety. He spoke about a time when "God" would protect believers with fire and burn infidels. He said that the New York Times would burn and that Fox was the only place where news consumers could find the truth. One attendee interviewed by the Democrat called Beck "more of a teacher... than a typical political guy."

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