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Man Accused of Robbing 70-year-old Neighbor with a Hammer

Early Friday morning, Wilton Manors police responded to a 70-year-old man living near the corner of NE 26th Street and Andrews. The man told them his neighbor had hit him with a hammer and robbed him. He was bleeding from the head.

Yesterday, police arrested a man living two doors down. Terrance Stubblefield (pictured here in his mug shot), 39, was charged with aggrevated battery on a person over 65 and armed robbery.

Police said the victim told them Stubblefield owed him $20, and he asked for the money. He said Stubblefield told him he needed change for a 50, and when the 70-year-old man went into his apartment to retrieve his wallet, Stubblefield attacked him with the hammer, stole the money from his wallet, and fled.

The victim required staples to close the wound in his head.

When police arrested Stubblefield, whom they say has a record that includes drug offenses, he refused to give a statement. He is being held at the Broward County jail on $10,000 bond.

The amount of money Stubblefield allegedly stole from the elderly man: $120.