A Bad Time to Be a Butler

Democrats desperate to put some dents in Gov. Charlie Crist's high approval ratings are chastising him for keeping a butler and a personal chef on the state payroll at a time when cops and teachers are being laid off.

In a statement released today, Florida Democratic Party Chair Karen Thurman said

It is crazy that after cutting nearly $9 billions from Florida's budget, Republicans still find money to give Charlie Crist a taxpayer funded chef and butler. Even they admit that their cuts are hurting Floridians, but they clearly think that giving a chef and butler to Crist is more important than keeping our communities safe or educating Florida's children. Before the Republicans raise taxes on Floridians or lay off more cops and teachers, they should force Crist to sacrifice by giving up his chef and butler."
In my opinion, this is kind of a cheap shot by the state Dems. Now Crist has to make the symbolic gesture of firing his chef and butler? What will that accomplish?

I'm not acquainted with the butler -- no, that's not him on the right -- but the chef sounds like a sweet guy who slaves to find something, anything that our fussy governor will eat. Let them keep their jobs, Florida Dems. Good help is so hard to find.