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Gulfstreamlined: In West Palm, Private Jet Seats for Sale, Still Room for Big Egos

In an era of Ponzi schemes and collapsing markets, let's be sensitive to the greedy ultra-rich and the big businesses who, to their credit, have learned to become budget conscious. They got burned; they're humbled. But they're still proud -- and still pretty damn rich. So for the record, they are not patronizing a new private jet-pooling service to save money they used to spend on their own private jets. Rather, these travelers are heroes of the environmental movement -- they're proud to share cabin space on Greenjets.

The new West Palm-based firm sells a seat on a private jet for a mere $3,850, flying to the major financial centers of Chicago, Boston and New York, according to this article in USA Today. But it's not about the savings -- it's about the environment. Or, if it comes up during a cocktail hour with other masters of the universe, it's a devious way of staying off the feds' regulators' radar. From the article:

Greenjets has made saving the environment part of its pitch. It says sharing a flight means fewer planes in the sky and a reduction in air and noise pollution. Sharing chartered flights may be one of several options that companies turn to in the future to avoid the scrutiny that can come with owning their own jets, says Brian Foley, who consults on business aviation management.

"There are many companies that are a little gun-shy about the perception of owning a business jet today," he says.

Instead, businesses may do more leasing of planes or purchasing of jet cards that allow them a certain number of prepaid hours on private aircraft.

"They're not going to give up business aviation," Foley says. "They still see the benefits. ... They'll find ways to use the business jet without having it on their books where it sticks out like a sore thumb."