Judge Seidlin's Clan Removed From Widow's Will

Finally, justice. Or at least a taste of it.

Larry Seidlin, the weeping Anna Nicole Smith judge who has chiseled more than a half million dollars from an elderly widow in his condo building, has been removed from the woman's will.

Or I should say Seidlin's wife and daughter are off the will, since Seidlin was always shrewd enough to keep his name out of it as he worked to take over Barbara Kasler's multi-million dollar fortune. Kasler's family members, caregivers, and an activist named Lyn Evans have managed to remove the parasitical Seidlin (who is greedy at, like, a Tales from the Crypt level) from the widow's life and possessions.

This news comes a few weeks after a state investigation began into allegations of abuse and exploitation of Kasler by the Seidlins. Here's the story on that.

"Barbara Kasler began improving physically and mentally once the Seidlins and Rays were driven from her apartment (no surprise there)," Evans wrote the Pulp. "With the improvement came her ability to understand that perhaps Larry Seidlin wasn't operating in her best interests. Last Thursday at 11:30 PM, Mrs. Kasler called her niece, Corine Kasler, in Pensacola and asked her to take over her affairs. It was the turning point."

The will naming Seidlin's wife, Belinda Seidlin, and daughter Dax has been revoked, says Corine Kasler, and a new will is being worked up that definitely won't involve the judge or his family. 

The trustee of Kasler's estate, Steve Fuller, and the estate's attorney, Richard Judd, are being fired. There are all kinds of horrible stories coming out of this, stories of outrageous exploitation from Seidlin and his family that will be heard soon enough.

For now it's just good news that the exploitation has stopped and Kasler has been taken from Seidlin's clutches. You just wonder who is going to pay for his daughter Dax's education at Pine Crest School and all kinds of other expenses now. Poor guy.

A lot of people came together to make it happen, including Corine Kasler, caregiver Monica Izquierdo Vial and another nurse, who will go unnamed for now. Lyn Evans was crucial, a "miracle worker," as Corine Kasler called her. And it all started with lawyer Chris Roberts, who had the courage to expose the situation in the first place. It's just too bad Howard Rosen at the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office wasn't quite so effective. If he had been, it could have been stopped months ago.