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Fun With Google

Okay, if you want to have some fun, go to Google, punch in hollywood florida and then see the top ad at the front of the page. You should get this. It's a Keith Wasserstrom google ad that says:

"Father of 3, Husband, Get The Facts City Councilman NOT Guilty!"

If you punch on the ad you expect to go to the Hollywood Commission web site, since that's the url attached. Instead -- and this is the kicker -- it goes to

today's feature story on Wasserstrom on the Local front of the Sun-Sentinel. Written by Robin Benedick and Ihosvani Rodriquez and headlined "Accusation mars image of Wasserstrom's success," the story isn't hard-hitting, but it's not a total puff piece either. Sort of what you'd expect from the Sentinel's first-day coverage. Apparently, whoever bought the ad -- Alan Koslow? Gary Poliakoff? Ken Gottlieb? Wasserstrom himself? -- thought it would convince the casual Google viewer that the commissioner is a good guy who couldn't have possibly sold out his elected office to a sludge company.

It includes this line:

"Mayor Mara Giulianti on Tuesday described Wasserstrom as 'hard working and dedicated' but at times 'na�ve.'"

Wait a minute. Giulianti, who was supposedly duped by Wasserstrom into filing false conflict-of-interest forms, is saying that Wasserstrom is naive? This is bizarre stuff, pipples.

Oh, this is gonna get good.

(Thanks to NT contributor Steve Koppelman at for the tip).