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George Zimmerman Pulled Over in Texas With Gun

Looks like George Zimmerman is taking his "Have Gun, Will Travel, Will Likely Shoot an Unarmed Black Kid and Then Totally Get Away With It" Tour to Texas because, according to a report by TMZ, he was stopped for speeding in Forney.

And yes, he had a gun with him (of course!)

Also, he pulled the ol' tried-and-true "Do you know who I am?" routine on the officer.

Oh, George. You're incorrigible!

According to the report, Zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in Forney, Texas, on Sunday, just after noon.

He told the officer he was headed "nowhere in particular" and admitted that he had a gun in his glove compartment.

Because ya never know when you'll be attacked by a barrage of Skittles bags!

Zimmerman also asked the cop if he recognized him from the TeeVee.

Zimmerman was apparently let go with a warning.

The officer also reportedly told him "Have a safe trip" before he went on his way.

The state of Texas should totally feel safe now that Zimmerman is in the state, driving around to nowhere in particular, with a gun.

Except for maybe the black people in Texas.

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