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Someone May Have Taken a Dump in Sunrise's Water Supply

If your tap water has been tasting a little poopy lately, that's a problem.

The Broward County Health Department sent out a drinking water warning yesterday, saying its water system "detected fecal indicators" in one of the wells in Sunrise.

It's removed that well from service, but the county filled us in on the info anyway:

One assessment sample in our drinking water distribution system for the month of July was positive for coliform bacteria, but negative for E. coli. A trigger sample following the assessment sample in this well was positive for E. coli.  As required by EPA's Ground Water Rule, one of our follow up steps is to collect additional samples from this well, and from the distribution system, within 24 hours to determine the extent of the problem. This sampling began on July 15.

The county says it's possible that their water is either contaminated with human or animal feces, so it issued the warning.

Out of caution, the county recommends, in all-caps, "DO NOT DRINK THE WATER WITHOUT BOILING IT FIRST."

The possible poo-poo may cause some nasty symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, cramps, and headaches, and those at the highest risk are youngsters, the elderly, and people with severely compromised immune systems.

If you live in the affected area, you should've already gotten a notice from the county, but if you're not sure, call the City of Sunrise at 954-578-6140 or 954-578-6141.

Click here to read the flier from the Broward County Health Department.

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