Naked Florida Sex Offender Refused To Stop Walking Around Outside Naked

Donald Hughes is a convicted sex offender who has been on probation for sexual battery convictions stemming from the 1990s.

But Hughes figured there must be a statute of limitations on probations for sex offenders, because he allegedly liked walking around outside his home stark-raving naked like it was all good.

Aside from grossing out his neighbors, he also apparently traumatized a child, who saw the 50-year-old Hughes waddling about his front yard bare-ass-and-balls and now cannot ever unsee it.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, Hughes neighbors claim that he walked around naked so many times, they lost count.

One neighbor says Hughes flapping about in the breeze was so frequent, she just became numb to it, which is either scary or disturbing, we're not sure which. Probably both.

"It's kind of become something that I'm not surprised to see anymore," she told NBC2.

Another neighbor says they witnessed Hughes sitting on his porch naked as a school busy dropped off students nearby.

And yet another neighbor told NBC2 that her kid would see Hughes' white pasty naked lumpiness frolicking about the yard, causing the child to run back home in fear.

"My six-year-old would run inside and say, 'Mommy the bad man's outside,'" she said.

So, she figured enough creepy nakedness was enough, and called the cops.

According to an arrest report, when police got to Hughes, he was conveniently wearing shoes and shorts. He claimed he never walked around naked.

But a warrant had been issued earlier in the week based on all the neighbors having had it up to here with seeing his nakedness and called it in to police. So, he was arrested.

Hughes was charged with misdemeanor exposure of sexual organs and violation of probation. 

He was in jail as of Thursday night, making his neighborhood creepy-weird-old-white-naked guy-free. At least for one night.

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