Couple Has Sex On Restaurant Table, Man Arrested For Not Paying Bill

So you got a hankerin' for a pulled pork sandwich and a beer and decide to take the wife and kids out for a bite at your favorite restaurant. 

And there you are, at Paddy Murphy's, munching on your sandwich, the kids eating their burgers, the Misses eating her pasta entree, when you look up and spot a couple totally banging each other three tables away.

Shoulda gone to Applebee's.

According to Orlando police, a couple had full-on sexy time at their table at Paddy Murphy's in front of a bunch of patrons, including kids. Cops arrested the man. Not so much because he put on a peep show with his classy lady, but mainly because he didn't pay his bill.

Witnesses told local Orlando TV station WKMG-TV, that they saw Jeremie Calo, 32 (the handsome devil in the pic above), and his date -- whose name was not released -- getting nasty at their outdoor table.

Apparently, the two were sitting at their table when they started to make out. Then, things quickly escalated, and they started to get it on in front of everyone.

Customers began to shield their kids from all the fornicating, while others alerted restaurant manager Tom Murphy to what was going on.

Murphy confronted the couple, and told Calo to get out.

"Compose yourself," he reportedly said. "Pay your tab or I'll call the police."

Not, stop fucking each other in front of people and children in my restaurant. But, pay your tab! Because that's the real issue here!

Calo responded that he couldn't get up and leave because his date was on top of him.

Murphy called the cops. They arrested Calo for refusing to pay his $101 dollar bill. 

Because apparently you can totally nail your date in public in Orlando, but you better not skip out on that restaurant bill!

"That's ridiculous that they would do that out in public," witness Ashley Webster told the TV station. "And also in front of kids."

"That's totally unacceptable and insane," said Jackie Kelvington. "I'm shocked."

So... other than that, how were the pulled pork sandwiches?