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Cop Quits Force After Saying He'd Volunteer to Assassinate Obama

A Jacksonville cop has quit the force after admitting that he'd told his fellow police officers that if anyone needed someone to shoot President Obama, he'd totally be the guy they should call.

"If an order was given to kill Obama or something," Officer Sam Koivisto reportedly said, "then I wouldn't mind being the guy."

Koivisto told the Florida-Times Union that his comments that he wanted to volunteer to assassinate the president were blown out of proportion and that he was just frustrated Obama had won the election.

You really shouldn't take me saying if some order came up to kill Obama that I'd like to be the guy to act on it SO DAMNED SERIOUSLY, JEEZ!

The 57-year-old Koivisto also apparently said it wouldn't bother him at all if a nuclear explosion killed all them Obama-loving people living in the northeastern part of the U.S.

This too was taken out of proportion, according to Koivisto.

What Koivisto did isn't considered against the law, but Sheriff John Rutherford felt that expressing a desire to kill the president and not caring if a quarter of the nation was extinguished by a nuclear attack was a tad "inappropriate."

Investigators questioned Koivisto, and he admitted to saying the things he did. Koivisto quit the force after the initial investigation.

He also said he was planning on retiring in five months anyway, so joke's on you, investigators!

Despite Barack Obama winning the election twice, people are still apparently really, really, ridiculously racist.