Sheriff Al to Dump Republican Party? | New Times Broward-Palm Beach

Sheriff Al to Dump Republican Party?

It's just about time to report this: Sources are telling me that Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti may leave the Republican Party.

What is absolutely true is that Lamberti and his camp are talking about it. What isn't known is what exactly he'll actually do after the November elections. Understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with principles and beliefs; it's all about keeping power (of course).  

It's seen as a good time for the sheriff to dump the GOP, something he considered before the last election. It's still something of a miracle he pulled off the victory in 2008 in a heavily Democratic county with Obama on the ticket. But the timing is looking right for a switch.

The man who appointed Lamberti, Gov. Charlie Crist, has already said goodbye to the Republicans in his bid to become a U.S. senator. If Lamberti's political father can leave the party, so can the sheriff, right?

This isn't set in stone; it's only in the wind. A lot will depend on the results of the Senate race. If Crist wins, it won't be a bad bet that Lamberti will go the independent route. If Kendrick Meek wins, Lamberti will likely go to the Democrats. If Marco Rubio wins, we'll see. Lamberti surprised people last time when he remained in the GOP -- and there was heavy talk then too about changing parties -- so it's certainly possible he could do it again.  

More coming.