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Ilene Lieberman, the Shadow Commissioner

I would say that Ilene Lieberman has left the building, but she never came in.

Lieberman missed today's Broward County Commission meeting again this week. She also missed last week's meeting. And one before that.

She doesn't go to much of anything anymore and when she does, she's quiet as a lamb.

I remind you that a lot of people used to call Lieberman the "dragon lady." She's known for being smart, merciless, and at times extremely manipulative.

But these days she's more like the docile lady. Still secretive, though. One source said that when a colleague recently asked her how she was doing, she said, "None of your

damned business." Now that may or may not have happened, but these are the kinds of stories Ilene Lieberman -- or Ilene Michelson when she's lobbying -- engenders.

Some insiders I know are concerned about her and, because of anecdotes like the one above, afraid to ask. Lieberman has told many people that she is done with politics after this term. A year ago, nobody would have ever imagined such a thing. Even her husband, Stuart Michelson, seems to be retreating to the edges. On Friday he submitted his resignation for his job as city attorney of Sunrise, citing a need to concentrate on his private practice.

There are two theories about what has stopped Lieberman in her tracks: Stress from the state attorney's corruption investigation that has focused on her at times, or an undisclosed illness. Whatever it is, the Pulp truly wishes her the best of health.

Here's the thing though: Shouldn't she have to explain what the heck is going on?  She's literally phoning it in at this point. I do believe in a politician's right to privacy on personal matters, including health, but when you're clearly not doing the job the public is paying you for, shouldn't there be some kind of explanation?

-- What is right-wing radioer Joyce Kaufman talking about? She keeps saying that she doesn't believe obviously unstable Ellisa Martinez, who was arrested in the Broward lockdown threat case, "acted alone"? It's like she's turning this idiotic diversion sparked by Kaufman's own stupid words about favoring bullets over ballots into the Kennedy assassination. Joyce, I've read the arrest report -- there's no sign that anybody else was involved. At all. This isn't some giant conspiracy against you, Joyce, it's one lady who got ticked off by one of your irresponsible rants.