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CNN Rips Off Miami New Times

John, you ignorant slut.

Okay, well maybe John Zarrella, the burly CNN correspondent based in Plantation, isn't a slut (but aren't all network people, really?). He's definitely a thief. Check out this story, bylined by Zarrella and abetter Patrick Oppman, that is going to hit the air tonight on the primetime Paula Zahn Now show. It's a direct, unadulterated ripoff of this story in the Miami New Times story by Isaiah Thompson that was published on March 8.

To add insult, they

cite some two-year-old Miami Herald report in there. Right now, it's the top story in the nation, according to CNN's home page, the big scoop du jour. Too bad they're too arrogant and unprofessional to say whose scoop it is.

And to think CNN and I made all nice last week when the Pulp announced their abandonment of Miami for the fresher pastures of Broward County. Then they turn around and steal from my brothers and sisters down south? I feel so dirty right now.