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Member of (Allegedly) Unruly Crowd Offers Firsthand Report of Kleinstock

Yes, we'll call it Kleinstock: The groaning / chanting droves of patriots who monopolized yesterday's town hall meeting that Congressman Ron Klein's staff has each month with constituents.

Of course, you can't trust the liberal media to report accurately on that meeting. So until Fox News launches a bureau with an appropriately fair-and-balanced approach, we will rely upon the firsthand reports of Daria -- AKA "Palin Drone."

But if Palin Drone and her cohort was bent on harassing an actual congressman, it seems they didn't do their homework. If they had, they would have known that Klein doesn't always attend these meetings. Then again, why accept responsibility when a conspiracy theory can be hatched on the spot? Writes Palin Drone:

the congressman didn't deem his lowly constituents worthy of his presence today. Sure, they explained that this was never supposed to be a "Town Hall" but rather their routine monthly meeting at the Lighthouse Point Library, where Klein's representatives typically meet with voters to presumably listen to their concerns.

Let's for a moment accept their explanation as valid, and assume they speak the truth.
Very magnanimous of her, isn't it?

A report in the Herald called the audience "rowdy, rude and fired up about healthcare," noting catcalls of "coward" and "communist." Now let's hear that same meeting described by an observer fluent in Fox Newspeak:

The testimonials were genuine and heartfelt, delivered with an urgency that electrified the crowd. At many points during the two-hour meeting, loud, spontaneous chants of "Vote him out!", "Allen West!" (Klein's conservative challenger in 2010), and "How dumb do you think we are?" (aimed at the staffers) erupted. People would often yell out, "You've awakened a sleeping giant!", "No healthcare coverage for illegals!" and "Vote the bums out!" during the course of an individual's presentation, spurred on by something they'd said and/or read from the bill itself.