A Fat Guy Is Stealing Purses in Pompano Beach (VIDEO)

The Broward Sheriff's Office is looking for a man they say is connected to two muggings at the end of March -- they want you to know that he's six feet tall, gets around in an old, gold-colored Nissan, and is... fat.

In an announcement headlined "Big Boy Wants a Purse," the BSO describes a "corpulant man" who was caught on camera galumphing up behind a woman in the parking lot of the Walgreens at 3573 N. Federal Highway in Pompano Beach on March 31 -- he bumbles briefly out of the frame, then goes flying back in toward the getaway car, leaving his victim to just stand in the parking lot and ponder how she got ripped off by a guy who hasn't exercised since seventh grade.

Detectives believe the same gold Nissan was involved in a similar purse-snatching the night before at the Bru's Room in Pompano Beach, though in that one, it was "a light-skinned, white or Hispanic male with dreads" who did the grabbing. There's a reward of "up to $1,000" if you help police arrest somebody too.

BSO Det. Victor Carrasquillo is investigating both incidents; call at 954-321-4270 if you've got any info, or call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

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