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Wait, Isn't That Prostitution?

Head out to the sidewalk of Hollywood's portion of Federal Highway in the wee hours of the morning, whip out $500, and ask one of the suggestively dressed young ladies what that gives you.

You're liable to get a response very similar to the one that Hallandale Beach Democrat Rep. Joe Gibbons gave to the St. Pete Times.

"Access -- an opportunity to come and explain your issue to me," Gibbons said when asked about what a lobbyist's half-grand will get him. Of course, in the next breath, he caught himself.

"You'd have it anyway, but they just think it gives better access and more access."

Ha! What would make them "think" that? In fact, if you're reading this in Hallandale Beach and you don't have $500 to give, I suggest you phone Gibbons' office right now and ask for a personal meeting to "explain your issue" to him. Let me know what they tell you.

I don't mean to make an example of one state legislator who just gave a quote, but come on! Not only is that a disingenuous remark; it's using St. Pete Times editorial space for free advertising: Legislator selling access. Get it while it's hot!