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Food Makers Toast to Bad Economy in Boca, Premier Crist Waives Parking Fees Today Only

The mood is upbeat at a meeting of the nation's biggest food manufacturers this week in Boca Raton. The reason: the economic downturn equals more eating in, which equals more buying of packaged food, which equals food manufacturers selling more cans of Spam with Cheese.

The upbeat conference was also a chance for the unveiling of a new corporate strategy by Kraft, maker of American products like Velveeta and Oreos and overseas products such as Panda Snaps and Endangered Sea Turtle Biscuits. The new Kraft campaign is described this way:

Bearing the slogan, "Make today delicious," the new Kraft logo consists of an upward, red smile exploding into an array of seven "flavor bursts," each of which represents a different division of Kraft's business.

With the economy the way it is, I haven't been able to afford such Kraft delicacies as Velveeta or Panda Snaps. Bu at lunch, when I make tomato soup out of Kraft ketchup packets I nabbed from Burger King, I will certainly Make Today Delicious.

After the jump, time is running out for you to register to throw ketchup packets at Charlie Crist.

Crist Makes Government Better By Giving Us Free Parking Today

Gov. Charlie Crist will be in town today to hear your ideas on how to make government better, and you've got until just 11:30 a.m. to register for the town hall meeting. As extra incentive to get people out, the parking meter fees will be suspended near the Beach Community Center in the Galt Mile Neighborhood.

I won't be attending the meeting, but I'll surely be taking advantage of the free parking, because I need somewhere to put my Bronco II/home/office. If you go to the meeting, I'll be the guy making ketchup soup on his bumper.