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Got Cash? Sorry, Uncle Sam Needs a Check

Calls to the supervisor at the Hollywood Clerk of Courts office were not returned. So I called Jeff Sutton, chief financial officer for the Broward Clerk of Courts.

"This is news to me," Sutton says of Michael's claims that the cashier wouldn't accept cash. He directed me to Orfelia Mayor, chief director of the satellite courts.

"If that happened, that would certainly be surprising," says Mayor. "That is definitely not official policy. Our policy is to accept all forms of payment, including cash." She wouldn't go so far as to say Michael is lying, but said she doubted a cashier wouldn't take cash as payment for copies. She said she would look into any specific claims against employees and, if they are true, take appropriate action.

Really though, perhaps the employees were right not to want to cash. Bad things can happen to people carrying cash.