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City of Fort Lauderdale Looking for Street Artist to Paint Crosswalks

The three intersections on East Las Olas Boulevard from Southeast First to Southeast Third Avenue are gray. While their purpose in keeping fast-moving vehicles from crashing into each other used to be enough, the millennials have spoken, and if they're going to help a grandma cross the street, they're going to be looking super hip amongst kaleidoscopic crosswalk designs while doing it.

That is why the City of Fort Lauderdale's Transportation and Mobility Department is recruiting the most talented street artists in the land to give these intersections a colorful face-lift. The deadline to submit proposals is Monday February 24.

The prize? A chance to be crowned an official Fort Lauderdale street artist.

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The three intersections are located on East Las Olas Boulevard at Southeast First, Second, and Third Avenues. Since they're consecutive intersections, the committee recommends the designs be cohesive and connected. "They could maybe tell a story," suggests Monique Damiano, the city's Public Information Specialist.

Each proposal must include two samples of similar work, a list of qualifications, and two design concepts (so two sketches of each of the three intersections). If your only prior experience is finger painting, maybe stick to Color Me Mine. "You're painting an intersection, not an 8 by 11 canvas," Damiano warns.

The department has received more than 50 requests for proposal packages since last Friday. The applications are due Monday February 24. A review committee will convene and pick a winner by February 28. There will only be one winner whose best concept will be installed in mid-March.

The top artist will be paid in street cred and moolah. And be able to say they're an official Fort Lauderdale street artist!

So get a-sketching! A little birdie tells us to avoid using white and yellow because those colors can confuse the traffic control markings and no one wants that to happen.

To request a proposal package contact Keela Black Davis at [email protected]