Burglar Chastises Man For Leaving Loaded Gun In Unlocked Car After Burglar Robs It

A Port St. Lucie man found that his unlocked car had been broken into, and his knife and loaded gun had been stolen on Tuesday.

The man then called the cops to report the burglary. When he got back home, he found a plastic bag at his front door with his knife and his gun, sans bullets, inside. On the bag was a hand-written message:

"LOADED GUN unlocked car = STUPID!!"

When the man turned the bag around, he found another message:


So far, there have been no arrests and, no leads. So no one is sure if the burglar had a change of heart after breaking into the man's car, or if he is, in reality, The BATMAN.

Police say the thief could still face armed burglary and theft charges if found. Because there's no room for hooded vigilanties in this town, dammit!