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Humongous Cruise Ship Narrowly Clears Bridge, Continuing Its Family Legacy

The epically named Allure of the Seas, whose home is in Fort Lauderdale, made headlines today after it cleared a bridge in Denmark by less than the height of a toddler. And it didn't crawl underneath; it gunned it to get a little lower since the squeeze was as tight as leggings would be on Fat Bastard, which may actually be a more appropriate name for this majorly obese ship. 

(Also: Crazy Cruise Videos After the Jump)

The captain called it "the great excitement of the day," according to CNN. To squeeze underneath the bridge, the retractable smokestacks were lowered and the ballast adjusted so the ship would sit low in the water. It worked!

Start the video at 1:10 to save a minute of your life that need not be wasted.

If this looks familiar, it's because it happened before. Allure of the Seas' slightly younger and slightly shorter sister ship, Oasis of the Seas, completed the same squeeze when it was released by Royal Caribbean last year.Quite a family, eh?

Now, the bonus (all brands of crazy) cruise videos:

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