Connie Mack Says He's Got Senate Primary Sewn Up, Won't Debate Anyone but Bill Nelson

You're out of luck if you were hoping a debate or two would help better understand Connie Mack's "freedom pilgrims freedom America" policy positions on his campaign website. The Tampa Bay Times invited Mack to debate his Republican primary opponents, and his campaign responded by challenging Bill Nelson to a debate. He won't be arguing with George LeMieux, Mike McCalister, and Dave Weldon before the August 14 primary.

"It's clear the race for the U.S. Senate in Florida is now between Connie Mack, the Republican, and Bill Nelson, the Democrat," wrote Mack campaign manager Jeff Cohen to the Times. "A debate between Connie Mack and Bill Nelson, however, makes all the sense in the world."

Public Policy Polling results released yesterday found Mack leading LeMieux 34 to 13 percent, and a Q poll from late last month showed Mack has way better recognition with voters.

But while a Mack/Nelson debate would be good fun, yesterday's poll also found that 28 percent of Republican voters are undecided -- which contradicts Cohen's assertion that it's a "clear" race between anybody. He wrote that "a primary debate among Republicans would only serve to benefit Bill Nelson," but I'm betting those 28 percent of voters would probably get something out of it too. If he really were the best candidate, what harm could come from it? Maybe he just doesn't want to mess up his lead by risking a televised whooping.