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Morning Juice: Day of Infamy for Merhige; for PBC School Chief, Another Angry Mob

Your balanced breakfast of South Florida scoops:

  • Turbulence for the transgendered city manager of Lake Worth, Susan Stanton, after she published on the city's website 40 unsigned emails by residents railing against the political associations of the city's census coordinator, who then resigned, not without Churchillian flair. Said she: "Much blood has been spilt at the altar of objectivity..." [Palm Beach Post]
  • Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jack Seiler: Maybe the city's Police Department shouldn't be giving personal police protection to the people wealthy enough to afford it -- because you never know when that wealth might be of the Ponzi variety. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Jupiter's Thanksgiving massacre man, Paul Merhige, is now nationally infamous, thanks to America's Most Wanted -- video after the jump.

  • Parents of kids in the Palm Beach County School District will have another opportunity to toss tomatoes at Superintendent Art Johnson at today's board meeting. Oops! Keep the tomatoes. Bring a toy, because the theme this time is that Johnson is "toying" with your child's education. No hurling pointy toys, please. [Palm Beach Post]
  • In a sign of the times, the Miami Herald has stooped to asking online readers for donations. Good luck with that. The VP says "we don't have a phase 2 or 3 or 4 yet." I hope not! If this is phase 1... I can't even imagine how desperate they'll be by phase 4: "Hi Bob Smith. We sent a reporter to check out your divorce file. Pretty scandalous. But maybe if you start paying that reporter, he'll have time to work on bigger, more important stories, mmm?" [WSVN]
  • Glamorous would-be murderess Dalia Dippolito has a court date today. Whaddaya suppose she'll wear? I'm guessing corduroy with a pair of silver bracelets. [WPTV]