Badge Numbers? FLPD Don't Need No Stinking Badge Numbers

Above is the video of the arrest of one Brennan Hamilton -- which shows once again that you can never underestimate the pettiness and downright stupidity of some members (not most, mind you) of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department. 

You'll see in the video that the 26-year-old Hamilton walks up calmly to a Fort Lauderdale police officer who is identified as Jeff Overcash.  When Hamilton asks for Overcash's name and badge number, the officer immediately puts the cuffs on him and arrests him.

Thanks to JAABlog, we have the back story from Hamilton's attorney, Brad Cohen:

"We have several witnesses for the incident prior to the arrest.  The facts are essentially the train was going past the intersection, on SW 2nd Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.  My client, Brennen Hamilton, was waiting with his wife and friends for the train to pass.  My client leaned up against the rear of the police car. 

Officer Overcash approached my client and took him by the arm and said 'Get your ass off the car. How would you like it if I leaned my ass on your car?'  My client remained silent and rolled his eyes. The Officer said 'Really tough guy, you have something to say to me?'  My client

remained silent.  Officer Overcash then said 'Yeah, that's right tough guy, you've got nothing to say.' The train passed and my client and his wife went to his car and called Fort Lauderdale Police, to complain about the treatment he just received.  There wasn't a Lt. or a Sgt. working at that time, so he left his number.  During the call he was asked for the Officer's name and badge number.  He did not know that information. 

After getting off the phone he went back to Officer Overcash and asked him if he could please give him his badge number and name. That is where the video is recorded. You can see my client approach calmly and request his badge and name.  Without hesitation Officer Overcash immediately puts my client in cuffs, and ultimately charges him with resisting without violence and disorderly intoxication.  My client was not intoxicated whatsoever.  He is a licensed recovery agent and possesses all of the proper State licenses. 

We called Internal Affairs today and left a message at 1pm, no call back as of yet.  I am preparing my notice of investigation pursuant to Florida Statute and calling SAO Case Filing tomorrow to discuss the charges... "

The video speaks for itself. Hamilton is obviously arrested because he had the audacity to ask for the officer's badge number. Overcash says he's arresting him for what he did "previously" and then says something to Hamilton's wife about trespassing on FEC (Florida East Coast Railway) property.
Unfortunately for Overcash, his explanation makes no sense. If Hamilton did something to warrant an arrest prior to the videotaped request for his badge number, Overcash should have arrested him then. He didn't. He was prompted to do it by Hamilton's question. The arrest is garbage and it will be thrown out.  
Just to be clear, I love good cops. I have good cops who are sources of mine. Hell, my grandfather was the sheriff of his town. That's one reason this kind of amateur-hour abuse gets under my skin.