South Florida Company Sells Sexy Radiation-Blocking Bras

Whether you're in a postapocalyptic nuclear disaster or standing a little too close to the microwave, this radiation-blocking bra will provide lift and shape. It can also simultaneously protect boobs from harmful radiation, heat, and even biological and chemical threats. When was the last time you saw anything from Victoria's Secret do that?

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Since breast cells continue dividing later in life, women are more prone to develop cancer in their breasts from background radiation than in other body parts -- or that's what Ronald DeMeo, CEO of Radiation Shield Technologies, says he realized. That prompted him to shove aside his research into engineering HAZMAT suits and focus on designing the Demron bra (the first three letters of his last name combined with the first three letters of his first name).

Coral Gables-based Radiation Shield Technologies has showcased at NATO conferences as providing a terrorism defense. The company has said that Demron fabric was designed to combat all types of threats, including traditional ballistics and bombs, IEDs, radiological emission devices, radiological dispersive devices, and nuclear threats. The company claims it's been proven to block x-rays, nuclear emissions, and gamma rays. In 2011, DeMeo donated 200 Demron suits (not bras) to northern Japan after fears of radiation exposure in the wake of a tsunami and earthquake that caused calamity at a nuclear power plant.

DeMeo is not saying that wearing his bras will stave off breast cancer, just that they'll block the background radiation that might increase chances of developing it. The bras were originally designed for breast cancer patients who were being treated with a radioactive implant. DeMeo's bras allowed these patients to not expose others to radiation. But quickly, DeMeo figured out the bras could work the other way: If it could keep radiation in, it could also keep unwanted background radiation out! It's since been recommended to women who are at a high risk of developing breast cancer.

The bras currently come in black, white, and nude. All are outfitted with a pink ribbon to show support for breast cancer awareness. They are being sold for $69.99. Sizes range from 34B to 42D. There is a black Demron panty being sold also, for $69.99.

"It's a nice forming bra; it gives it a unique lift," DeMeo told WPLG 10. "I think the metal in the bra gives it unique characteristics that normal foam bras don't have."

We can only imagine.