Harry Miller Celebrated 103rd Birthday on Coast Guard Vessel, Celebrated 104th Birthday on Coast Guard Vessel

While we're talking about old people doing whatever the fuck they want...

The news stories were everywhere last summer: Harry Miller, a 103-year-old veteran with sparkling eyes and a warm smile, wanted nothing more than to be back onboard a Coast Guard ship for his birthday. The Coast Guard gave him his wish.

Today, a year later, the Miami Herald featured a big spread: "At 104, it's a sail of the century: a Navy vet celebrates his birthday aboard a Coast Guard vessel."

We can forgive Miller for doing the same exact thing over again. But what about the local media? 

It's a feel-good story, and good on this guy for not being a sad old fart and wasting away in front of some game show while yelling at his children about cutting off their inheritance. Hell, if he wanted to ride a rocketship to Tijuana and bang hookers, that would be fine with us.

But are the papers going to keep following this guy's perennial birthday wish until he croaks?

From the NBC 6 story last year:

The Coast Guard crew were all smiles as Miller talked them up, giving his recipe for a long life: not smoking, being athletic, working out and dancing -- a lot.

"People should dance. It will give them exercise and enjoyment," he said, confirming the bonus of "lots of pretty girls" with a chuckle. "At 103, I am still interested."

From today's Herald piece, by Diana Moskovitz:

Soon, he was seated near the front, answering questions, joking and inviting folks to have lunch with him one day at The Preserve.

"I feel great," he said. "I woke up this morning and all I could think about was the day I was going to have with the people from TV and the newspaper, and I've never been better."

And, one might presume, at 104, he is still interested.

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