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Bailouts for Journalists -- No Billions Involved

First it was the airlines, then the bankers. Now Detroit wants in on the Washington money grab. But one EXTREMELY important industry was left out. Now, according to The New York Times, journalists are getting in on the action with The TypePad Journalist Bailout Program.

Jobless journalists would get blog software and tech support for free, plus leads through which they could acquire advertising revenue. Unfortunately, this fantastic bailout package is  available only to 20 or 30 formerly employed scribes. Hey, it's a start.

This rescue package is long overdue. As Bob Norman has reported early and often: South Florida newspaper men and women seem to be Walking Spanish with terrifying frequency.

Unlike General Motors, there is no hope for direct deposit from Nancy Pelosi. But Six Apart, the company that makes the blog software, is offering laid-off journos something that says: "No, yeah, you're just about the right size to fail, but we still care."

Michael Mooney