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Dalia Dippolito's Valentine's Day Wishes

Between her racy text messages to a secret lover and videos of her rendezvous with a supposed hit man, there's little evidence left to scandalize followers of Dalia Dippolito's salacious murder-for-hire tale.

Yet buried in a mountain of court documents is a tidbit that once again seals the professional escort's image as a stunningly conniving woman. It's a Valentine's Day card she gave to her husband, Michael Dippolito, six months before she was charged with plotting to have him killed.

"To: My husband, love of my life, my soul mate, my best friend, my everything," she wrote

on a card generously decorated with X, O, and hearts.

"You make me so incredibly happy," Dalia continued. "Since I met you I never hesitated and never had any doubts!"

"You are such an amazing husband. Baby you are my dream. I promise to love you now, always and 4ever. Dalia"