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Who Is Patrick Lochrie?

According to a scoop in yesterday's edition of the Broward Bulldog, he's the businessman who went undercover to help FBI agents lure corrupt Broward County officials, like Josephus Eggelletion, who will be entering his guilty plea in a money-laundering case tomorrow.

Judging by Dan Christensen's article, Lochrie has worked mostly the white-collar crime circuit, with a stop at a drug-research firm in Arkansas before becoming a business big shot on that street where no one asks where your money came from: Las Olas Boulevard.

After the jump, a little glimpse at Lochrie in action.

This is from a June 9, 2005, news release put out by one of the companies linked to Lochrie, called Amenni, for which he was supposedly developing a product that would attract investment dollars:

Nannaco Begins Sports Patch Launch - See $500 Million Market in Sports Injuries

Amenni has started the process of filling the 300,000 patch order for its first United States client as part of the company's sales program that addresses a market that Amenni believes, for its Sports Patch alone, could reach $500 million annually.

The Sports Patch has been aimed at the Sports Healthcare market . The company has stated that the Amenni Sports Patch "has shown significant benefits to aid the recovery from a Sports injury" and when "applied immediately after injury helps with quicker recovery times." The company also believes there are currently no direct competitors.

According to Pat Lochrie, CEO of Amenni, the company has other patch plans, "We plan to follow the Sports Patch roll-out with further products from our Healthcare, Cosmetic and Medical ranges. The use of a Transdermal Patch delivery system promises to be very exciting."

The primary active ingredients of the Sports Patch were based on research in Veterinary Science.

Here's the website where the release appeared.