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Man Arrested for Stealing Florida Woman's Driveway

Some robbery victims come home to find a missing television, or computer, or DVD player, or jewelry. Others have their furniture taken, while others have even come home to find their pet gone.

And then others come home to find their driveway's been stolen.


At least, that's what happened to one Florida woman a few weeks ago.

According to authorities, the victim arrived to her house on 4500 block of NW 120th Street in Reddick around 6 p.m. to find that her whole driveway had been swiped.

As she pulled into her home, she felt a large "bump" underneath her car. The victim said she got out of her vehicle and noticed that the concrete pavers used to make the driveway were missing, according to Reddick Deputy Michelle Wright.

Police spoke with a witness who told them he saw two men digging up the pavers earlier in the day. The witness didn't report it at the time since seeing people seemingly work on a driveway is not exactly the same thing as spotting a dude walking down the street with a 72-inch flatscreen in his arms.

The driveway thieves were described as a tall, heavyset black male in his 30s and a white male of small build of roughly five-foot-three.

Not long after, cops caught up with Anthony Jones (the heavyset black male) and arrested him for stealing the pavers from the victim's driveway, as well as some fence posts from another house.

Jones was taken to Marion County Jail and charged with two counts each of grand theft and dealing in stolen property. He had his bond reduced from $14,000 to $8,000.

He also claimed that the arresting officers threatened to shoot him, although Judge Steven Rogers didn't seem to buy that story.

Jones does have a criminal history, according to the Ocala-Star Banner.

The victim was told she can pick up her stolen driveway anytime.