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Jeffrey Epstein and His "Egg-Shaped" Member Causing Royal Ruckus

Life is so tough for a multimillionaire sex offender. First, Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of hiring teenage girls to massage and service him at his Palm Beach mansion. Then he was questioned, in a public, video-taped deposition, about the allegedly "egg-shaped" appendage that landed him in trouble.

Now, he's getting grief from the British press for lending Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, about $24,500. Fergie has apologized for taking the money, saying she had "no idea" about Epstein's criminal history. But the whole thing has spiraled into international news because Ferguson's ex-husband, Prince Andrew, is friends with Epstein, and once posed for a photo with a woman who was Epstein's alleged "sex slave."

Tabloid sleaze doesn't get much better than this, does it? The British take their royal

gossip extremely seriously, and are not inclined to give a perv who preys on young girls a break, just because he's filthy rich.

Of course, the scandal broke within months of the Cinderella Wedding of the Year, in which Prince William will marry a commoner! And Prince Andrew's kids will be at the ceremony!

Wonder if anyone will be discussing eggs in the buffet line?