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Port Everglades FPL Plant Demolished

The giant candy cane striped power plant smokestacks that stood majestically in Port Everglades and spewed crap into the air will no longer dominate the Ft. Lauderdale skyline.

Florida Power & Light strapped some dynamite to the 350-foot, 7,500-ton boilers and imploded them Tuesday morning, making it the largest power plant demolition in Florida history.

The structures have stood in Port Everglades since the 1960s, but it only took a demolition crew about a minute to bring them down.

The destruction of the smokestacks are the first phase for FPL's planned cleaner energy plant, powered by American natural gas that will reportedly be 35 percent more efficient and use less fuel.

According to the company, this new site will be providing 260,000 customers with energy that will save them about $400 million.

FPL says that construction for the new center will start in 2014 and open in 2016.

Check out the amateur video of the smokestack razing shot by a motorist who stopped to watch the big boom:

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