Beautiful Horses Ate Some Tainted Feed and Now They're Dying

If you would like to read a heartbreaking story that will make you sad for the rest of the day, keep reading.

Beautiful horses are getting sick and dying at the Masterpiece Equestrian Center in Davie because of some tainted feed. As of today, four horses have died since November and more are expected to be euthanized in the next few days because of feed from Lakeland Animal Nutrition.

The fourth horse to fall victim to the poisoned food was named Foxy, the Sun-Sentinel reported on Monday. Foxy was so gentle, children rode her in walk-trot and jumping shows. But then Foxy got sick -- her body became bloated and her face was swollen, probably the result of kidney failure. She was so sick and in so much pain, she bit somebody. Doctors determined there was no hope for Foxy, so they put the 8-year-old horse to sleep.

Three other horses suffered similar fates in November.

Lakeland Animal Nutrition has owned up to the fatal error, which was apparently caused by distributing horse feed tainted with momensin, a chemical used in cattle feed to prevent bloating, but is toxic for horses. In addition to horses, Lakeland produces feed for cattle, pigs, goats, and chickens.

In an apologtic statement on the home page of its website, Lakeland announced that they recalled the tainted horse feed and said it's out of the horse food game altogether.

A total of 19 horses have been affected by feed, according to a horse news website with really sad pictures of the affected horses. Their symptoms have included "sweating in flanks, bloody nostrils, extreme weight loss, and renal failure."

The Sentinel reports no lawsuits have been filed yet and Lakeland is in negotiations with Masterpiece Equestrian Center to work something out. It's believed no other horses outside of the Davie farm were affected.