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Dinerstein's "Independent Thinkers" Protest Delray Healthcare Forum

"Dear Media Friends," the email read. "The Wexler 'town hall' meeting is a sham. Tickets. Reserved seating. Written questions. In other words, NO DISSENT INSIDE.

"To speak to real, independent thinking citizens, be in the South County Civic Center Parking Lot at NOON."

The email was signed "Sid."

The Juice knew that "Sid" could mean only one thing -- it had to be the irrepressible Dinerstein, the guy forever urging us to "grow up!"

We're perennially Peter Pannish over here at the Juice, but we thought we'd mosey over to the Delray Town Hall Healthcare Forum this afternoon to speak to the real, independent-thinking citizens Dinerstein was so excited about. And also to see if anybody could explain the health-care bill to us, because we got tired around page 2,052 and stopped reading.