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Liveblogging the Muni Election

8:31 Welcome to the Juice muni elections liveblog. I will be doing the play-by-play. At my left is the color commentator, a highly flatulent greyhound who somehow managed to cast a ballot (for Al Capellini, natch) and has been flaunting her "My Vote Counted" sticker to all the other mutts in the neighborhood. Storylines galore this evening: mayoral races in Davie and Deerfield Beach, an alleged felon trying to win back his old commission seat in Miramar, three commission seats in Dania Beach and Fort Lauderdale. It's all terribly exciting, or it had better be...

Join us after the jump.

12:18 Well, had to peek one more time, and District 1's final in. Roberts has defeated Teel. Another incumbent toppled. Turnout is 10.99 percent. Democracy is meh. Good night and good luck.

11:59 Damn those jump drives! Screw this. Maybe by the time we wake tomorrow, the poll workers will have the final votes counted. Now I plan to get something that Roberts and Teel probably won't get: Sleep.

11:41 If apathy is the story of the night, it could be worse, South Floridians: At least you don't live in southern Alabama.

11:35 The suspense has proven too much for my color commentator, the greyhound, who just vomited.

11:25 Well, the Broward elections site finally updated -- but not with new precinct returns. Rather, staff updated the turnout, which is now nearly 11 percent. Still putrid.

11:20 Here's a blog that's soon to perish. That's the blog of now former Davie Mayor Tom Truex, who was narrowly defeated this evening by Judy Paul. Truex suspended the blog in December for the final stretch of the campaign, only reviving it last week to respond to a scurrilous rumor that he was going after the pensions of police and firefighters.

11:10 Light turnout in Palm Beach County municipal elections, too, though probably not as anemic as Broward.

11:08 Aha! It's the jump drives, stupid!

11:04 Oops! Am I getting the slow election info? Miami Herald is reporting that Roberts is the winner in District 1, but it still looks too close to call on my version of the Broward elections site.

11:01 The election excitement has officially blown the circuits of former Fort Lauderdale commissioner Tim Smith's blog. Would someone run over to his place and scrape him off the ceiling? Greeeeat. Thanks.

10:55 Even before all the results are final, the race for election "narrative" has begun. Chairman of the Broward Democrats Mitch Ceasar has pounced on this opportunity, declaring the election story to be a rout of local Republicans.

10:39 Still waiting... Eleven uncounted precincts in Broward, including the two decisive ones in Fort Lauderdale District 1.

10:29 Quick turnout update: Out of 428,659 Broward voters, 45,900 cast ballots. That's 10.7 percent. Pretty pathetic.

10:26 Speaking of Oakland Park, the city has one contest that's still unresolved. Anne Sallee has a 33-vote lead over Bill Sears with two precincts uncounted.

10:22 While we're waiting on that Fort Lauderdale D1 race, let's update the Oakland Park Commission. Activist Anthony Niedwiecki trounced Michael Carn for an open seat while incumbent Commissioner Suzanne Boisvenue cruised to reelection over Jed Shank, 60-40.

10:17 We've got a winner in Sunrise Group A, as Commissioner Don Rosen narrowly holds off James DePelisi, by less than 200 votes. On a night that's been awful for incumbents, Rosen won't complain about margin of victory.

10:15 The final tally in the Plantation City Council race has Rico Petrocelli losing by about 400 votes. It's 54 percent to 46. Peter Tingorn is your new Plantation councilman.

10:13 As expected, the race that's going down to the wire is Teel - Roberts in Fort Lauderdale's district I. Again, Roberts leads by 84 votes but two precincts are still up for grabs.

10:11 Check that. Sharief just surged into a decisive lead. She's your new Miramar commissioner.

10:09 Also in Miramar, Barbara Sharief continues to hold a slight lead for another commission job. Less than 200 votes separate her from Carl Lanke. Fitzroy Salesman made his move -- up from six to nine percent.

10:07 Let's call another race: Winston Barnes wins reelection to Miramar Commission. He now has a commanding lead of over 400 votes against Alex Casas.

10:05 But not all incumbents are doomed. Don Rosen has stormed back in the Sunrise Commission race against James DePelisi. Rosen now leads by 220 votes with 37 of 40 precincts reporting.

10:04 Another incumbent is about to fall. With 39 of 40 precincts counted, Plantation Commissioner Rico Petrocelli trails Peter Tingorn by more than 400 votes. You can call this one.

10:01 No comeback for Coleman Prewitt. Rogers dominated in the last precinct. The final spread is 55-45. With DuBose leading big in District III, only District 1 remains to settle the Fort Lauderdale Commission.

9:59 Wow -- Not quite 6,400 votes cast in the Deerfield Beach mayoral race, one of the hottest in South Florida. This in a city with more than 70,000 people. Again, apathy: take bow!

9:58 The Commission Seat No. 3 in Miramar had been a super-close race, but Winston Barnes has put some distance between himself and Alex Casas. Barnes leads 55-45.

9:56 Two precincts left of the 24 in Fort Lauderdale District I. Bruce Roberts continues to lead Commissioner Christine Teel. The margin is 86 votes. Can she close it in time?

9:54 Joe Miller has knocked off Deerfield Beach Commission incumbent Pam Militello, 54 to 46 percent.

9:53 Speaking of comebacks, Barbara Sharief has surged into the lead for Fitzroy Salesman's Miramar commission seat. She's got 38 more votes than Carl Lanke.

9:51 There's only one unreported precinct of 30 in District IV, Fort Lauderdale. Prewitt needs to beat Rogers by about 160 to win. Not bloody likely.

9:49 Peggy Noland somehow survived an 11th hour campaign scandal, and she's the new mayor of Deerfield Beach, winning 30 percent to Al Capellini's 24 percent. Deerfield Beach firefighters rejoice!

9:46 Judy Paul came from behind to win the Davie mayoral race, pending possible recount. So long, Davie Commons! That's the sound of champagne popping at Lori Parrish's place.

9:38 Having nothing better to do, the Juice is ready to make a call: In Sunrise Commission Group B, Joey Scuotto will win reelection. And in Deerfield Beach, Bill Ganz will defeat Gary Lother (of the Hill People -- bet he's never heard that one!) for the seat vacated by Steve Gonot, another Deerfield Beach elected official with a felony indictment to worry about.

9:31 Ha! I called it! Looks like turnout was about 10 percent. The real winner in this election: voter apathy!

9:26 No, those aren't tears of joy, nor of sorrow. It's my flatulent greyhound, actually.

9:23 The most imperiled incumbent at the moment? Plantation Commissioner Rico Petrocelli, losing by about 170 votes to Peter Tingorn. But there's only 13 of 40 precincts counted. Petrocelli, you may remember, is being investigated for an ethics charge related to funding irregularities in a flag football league where Petrocelli was commissioner.

9:18 Take heed, Miramar voters! Your single vote is currently the difference between your leader, Winston Barnes, and your trailer, Alex Casas. It's 929 to 928. But only nine of 32 precincts are in.

9:15 Oakland Park's tightest race is in District I, where Bill Sears leads Anne Sallee by just 17 votes. They're running for an open seat.

9:12 We've got an incumbent deathwatch on our hands, as Commissioner Christine Teel has fallen further behind challenger Bruce Roberts. He now has a 70-vote lead, which means Teel needs a wide margin in the four uncounted Fort Lauderdale District I precincts.

9:08 Don't mean to neglect the Dania Beach race, where it seems we've got three winners: Anne Castro, C.K. McElyea, and Walter Duke. Derrick Hankerson finished about 100 votes behind.

9:06 Joe Romero has been sneaking up on Carl Lanke for Miramar Commissioner. With nine of 32 precincts reporting Lanke leads Romero by eight votes. For those just joining us, no, Fitzroy Salesman is not a factor.

9:03 Woah! Look at Sunrise, where James DePelisi is giving incumbent Commissioner Don Rosen all he can handle. With about half the precincts reporting, DePelisi has a 9-vote lead.

9:00 Prewitt is drawing a bit closer to Rogers in District IV Fort Lauderdale. With 19 precincts reporting the race is 52 to 48. But that's a difference of less than 100 votes so Prewitt can still pull it out.

8:57 Back to the Davie mayoral race (aka the Davie Commons race). Not much movement, as Truex still has 51 to Paul's 49. Thirteen precincts still up for grabs.

8:54 Let's check the Deerfield Beach Commission races. Looks like Marty Popelsky is going to cruise to reelection -- he's currently got 67 percent and Donna Copabianco is trailing with 29 percent. Someone put the Deerfield Beach Advocate on suicide watch. The race between Joe Miller and incumbent Commissioner Pam Militello is way too close to call.

8:51 Bruce Roberts has a teeny, tiny lead over incumbent Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Christine Teel -- 50.2 percent to 49.8. Or exactly 16 votes. Still seven precincts yet to report and they'll decide the outcome.

8:48 It looks like Fitzroy Salesman's political career is finally over. He's running a distant fourth, getting about 6 percent of the vote with 9 of 32 precincts reporting. But it's gonna be a close race among the other three. So far Carl Lanke, the winner in last year's special election has a narrow lead.

8:46 The Coleman Prewitt / Romney Rogers contest is going down to the wire for Fort Lauderdale Dist IV. So far, Rogers has a slim lead -- 52.6 percent to 47.4.

8:44 No surprise that insurance adjustor Bobby DuBose has a commanding lead in Fort Lauderdale District III. Only 9 of 21 precincts are in, but he's got 65 percent so far.

8:43 With 13 of 35 precincts counted, Peggy Noland has the lead in Deerfield Beach, despite yesterday's campaign scandal involving her firefighter son allegedly destroying campaign signs. An even more scandalized candidate, Al Capellini, is running second, with Jean Robb and Don Cleveland battling for third. Still early in this one.

8:40 The Davie mayoral race is too close to call. With 16 of 37 precincts reporting, incumbent Tom Truex has a narrow lead -- 51 percent to Judy Paul's 49. Remember, this race is basically a referendum on the Davie Commons.

8:36 Just got off the phone with Deerfield Beach mayoral candidate Don Cleveland. "It's a 3-way race in (Century) Village," he says. "The one who has the most votes is (Al) Capellini. Then (Peggy) Noland. And then me." But Cleveland believes he'll make up ground when the District II returns come in. It's predominantly African American.