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Charlie Crist Ducks Questions From Conspiracy Theorists

There's Charlie Crist trying to warm up an otherwise frosty crowd in Clearwater. None chillier than the men behind the camera, who (judging by the herky-jerky camera) are quivering in anticipation of rubbing elbows with the governor and U.S. Senate candidate.

Awesome intro music, by the way. I thought there might be a professional wrestling match in the offing. But after that the score gets creepy -- like watching homemade footage before an assassination attempt.

And it gets even spookier around the 3-minute mark, as the governor wades into the crowd and has an encounter with our camera crew. They demand answers on cap and trade, the environmental talks in Copenhagen, and -- scariest of all -- a new investigation of 9/11. Yep, I think we've got some Truthers in the house.

Only eight more months full of campaign stops like this one, Charlie. Isn't it wonderful to get out and meet the great people of Florida?