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UPDATED: Kendrick Meek Addressing Clinton Report

Kendrick Meek has called a news conference for 9:30 p.m. -- i.e., right now -- to address the report that Bill Clinton advised him to drop out of the race in a bid to put Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio in a bid to keep the Senate Democrats in power.  

It just goes to show... Bill Clinton is a dick.

OK, that may be a little simplistic, but it's the way I feel about it. Look, this is a political algorhythm based on political power (and money), not anything else. For dropping out, Meek would get taken care of on the back end. He's denied that he ever agreed to it. This seat could save the Democrats a majority in the Senate. Crist will caucus with whichever party is in power, so it could have backfired on Clinton and the Democrats. I doubt Clinton cares -- he's been embarrassed before and got through it. It was just another cynical gamble for him.

Marco Rubio aide Todd Harris actually nailed the situation. "Secret deals to trade away principles for power is already the problem in Washington; it's not the solution," he said.

It's politics at its worst. Will update after the news conference, which will be shown live on all the cable news networks. Who knows what he's going to say, but I will say this: He's in a very, very bad situation politically speaking.

UPDATED: News conference began. Meek says:

"All I have to say is the Politico report out there is inaccurate at best. President Clinton and I are good friends... He continues to be a supporter. I think the people of Florida are counting on me to be their next United States Senator... The people of Florida have to vote, so let's let them vote."

The key here is that Meek is denying that he agreed to drop out of the race, not that Clinton counseled him to drop out. That's my read on it. I commend Kendrick Meek for not doing it.