Fishermen Catch Great White Shark Off Florida Coast (VIDEO)

With all the sharks appearing so close to Florida shores in the past few weeks, including two great whites swimming 15 miles off the shores of Jacksonville Beach and hordes of sharks riding the waves off Palm Beach, it stands to reason that shark and man would eventually clash.

And they finally did.

A fisherman went looking to hook himself some grouper off the coast of St. Petersburg and instead nabbed himself a great white shark.

Fab Marchese and his buddies were visiting from Canada and hired a charter to take them fishing over the weekend.

Four hours into their charter (fishing sounds like an AMAZING time, by the way), the men hooked a bite and soon spotted something that looked like the shadow of a submarine lurking below their boat.

When the submarine came up closer to the surface, the men realized that it was a great white shark.

Marchese held on to his reel with all his strength as the shark dragged them for a few miles.

Since great whites are a protected species and since Marchese and his buddies are polite, law-abiding Canadians, they eventually cut the line and let the massive man-eating shark go on its merry way to terrorize the other fish in the sea.

Even with all the media sensationalizing all the shark appearances lately (*raises hand*), it is an extremely rare thing to spot a great white in the wild off the coast of Florida.

And lucky for these guys, they had themselves a phone to capture the moment on video.

See the video below. The shark makes its appearance at the 1:09 mark.

WARNING: The video contains guys saying things that people say when they see a giant great white shark swimming a few feet away from them (i.e., they use foul language). Also, the video contains very thick Canadian accents.

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