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Of Mice and Mad Men

A tour of today's Dailies:

  • The dangers of opening a joint checking account with Paul Francois, the local Lothario who allegedly stole more than his wives' hearts. The Miami Herald's David Smiley reports
  • Prosecutors have identified 118 cases in the law enforcement oeuvre of Jonathan Bleiweiss, the Broward Sheriff's deputy who allegedly extorted sex favors from migrants. Among them, the slayings of two deputies. The Sun-Sentinel's Geo Rodriguez has the story.
  • At Florida Atlantic, they're spending federal stimulus dollars to send mice on a drunken bender, but the Palm Beach Post's Kimberly Miller reports that the research might help humans to avoid benders of their own.
  • Charlie Crist isn't nearly as despised by the Palm Beach County Republican Executive Committee as others in the state, writes Jennifer Sorentrue in the Palm Beach Post. A vote on his censure deadlocked at 65, but the tie-breaking vote may have been pondering too long on the crapper.
  • A former Paul and Young Ron personality gets busted for molesting a boy. This is a spoof, right? Please? Doesn't like it, judging by Alexia Campbell's article in the Sun-Sentinel.
  • On the topic of mad men, Mad Men's season three debut is only three agonizing days away.