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Local Strippers Must Do More Stripping To Afford County Fee (For Stripping)

I realize it's tough to scrounge up money in this economy, Palm Beach County, but must you really take it out of the g-strings of our courageous strippers? Those hard-bodied girls and guys need that money to pay for college! To put food on the table for the cute little tyke whose daddy skedaddled! Also, for cocaine!

If this whole episode feels like deja vu, it's probably because it's the premise of roughly half the Skinemax movies ever made. Which means that in our next scene, the cash-strapped hotties -- who prove to be quite plucky -- will devise an ingenius plan to raise the funds to keep their tittie bars afloat. And that almost always means a bikini car wash.

But watch the short, semi-SFW video after the jump and you'll see how dangerous these fundraisers can be.

(There's no video of the second ball, but I believe she picked up the spare.)

So, Palm Beach County, if some poor stripper breaks her beautiful neck sliding off a Toyota Tercel, it's on your conscience.

-- Thomas Francis