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Rush Limbaugh Might Be Getting Dropped From Radio UPDATE

Update: As expected, Rush told his listeners that he's not going anywhere and that the Politico report is just part of the "public business negotiation."

Original post: It looks like Rush Limbaugh is going to have to take his history lessons on how white people were actually awesome about slavery or about Obama's secret plot to end the GOP or how Chris Christie is so fat and dumb to some other venue, because, according to a report, the blowfish is going to be dropped from his radio spot at the end of the year.

Cumulus Media, the second-biggest broadcaster in the country, is not planning to renew Limbaugh's contract, according to Politico.

Cumulus is reportedly also dropping Sean Hannity's program, which means the two biggest conservative radio personalities will be gone from more than 40 stations across the country.

Earlier this year, Limbaugh was thinking of walking away from Cumulus anyway, because the company had reported a $2.4 million first-quarter decline that it blamed on Limbaugh's comments on Sandra Fluke.

Since Rush made the comments about the Georgetown law student, advertisers have been leaving in droves, which Limbaugh will probably say is a total coincidence.

The report says Cumulus, which is a division of Clear Channel, will likely not change the cost of distribution rights, and it's possible Limbaugh would be picked up by Clear Channel stations in the markets where he'd be dropped . But Clear Channel has pulled this move in the past before reaching a last-minute agreement with its talent.

Still, advertisers pulling away for Limbaugh being Limbaugh may be the breaking point here.

For its part, Cumulus released a statement on the report, saying:

"Cumulus is not in a position to comment about negotiations with talent under contract, no matter what the rumor of the day might be."

We're sure Rush will likely find a home somewhere else where he can blame this all on Obama and black people.

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