Hey, Broward County! We Want Your Most Adorable Pit Bull Pictures

You know how this goes. You have an adorable dog (or at least you think it is). And you've taken dozens hundreds of pictures of it. You've probably even made a few memes. OK, you've definitely made memes. But the problem? No one ever wants to sift through your pictures with you, because they're terrible, soulless people.

Well, we're now giving you a chance to let loose.

In light of the looming controversy over pit bull ownership in Broward County -- and whether or not they should be banned -- we want to see your pit bulls.

Send us the best pictures you have of your pit bulls and, if they're really cute enough, we'll publicize them.

Because, the truth is, we here at New Times love cute dogs just as much as you do.

That said, please don't send more than five images. We're looking for the best of the best.

Here's what to do: Send ONE email with fewer than FIVE pictures of your pit bull to our web editor, Alex Rodriguez. Update: Thanks to everyone who submitted photos! We'll be adding to the slideshow and sending out links. 

Subject the email MY ADORABLE PIT BULL.

Finally, tell us the dog's name. As well as your own.