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Don't You Feel Safe Now That They Got This Menace Out of Her Bedroom?

This is Coral Park Elementary School Principal Amanda Miles, who was arrested by the Coral Springs Police for having 21 grams of marijuana (three quarters of an ounce) in her bedroom.

Is this really what our police are spending their time doing -- busting 60-year-old women in their bedrooms? Here's a comment on this from the Sun-Sentinel site:

"Dr. Amanda Miles has been the best principal Coral Park Elementary has had in the years my children have attended the school. She does so much for the school and really gives 110% everyday. Dr. Miles really cares about our children and she motivates them daily with her kind words. She acknowledges their achievement and helps them when they are down.

"I hope she's back at Coral Park ASAP. It's ridiculous that some are comparing marijuana to alcohol, they are not the same and don't effect people the same way. NO everyone who smokes does not have to smoke everyday or all day. There are too many myths. It's legal in some states and medically helpful to so many.

"There are so many things in the world we should be worried about, having a principal who smokes in her own home on her own time should not be one of them."

Well done. It's true that police say Miles' 18-year-old son had about four ounces in his possession, according to police, but again, why are police out busting small marijuana cases when there is real crime in our governments and on our streets? Principal Miles could spend five years in prison for the possession felony.

Inside see a small honor for the Pulp, sort of.

When WPLG-Channel 10 decided to do its list of overrated and underrated things in South Florida, it gave a nod to the blogmeister:

​Now understand that this was a bittersweet moment for Miami New Times, since I don't write for them. I'm a Broward man all the way, though it's also true that my stuff gets published down there every now and again. Anyway, it was nice.

So which local newspaper did the TV station deem overrated?

The Miami Herald.

Don't take this as a dig against the reporters there -- because they still have a lot of good ones -- but the Herald is a pale shadow of the juggernaut that it was in, say, the '80s and even early '90s. Corporate ownership began the dismantling, and the recent economic downturn finished it off. 

Note: I'm told the Sun-Sentinel was disqualified from being deemed overrated because it has apparently never been praised before.

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