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Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Named One of the Worst Airports for Food

When it comes to airports, people generally choose Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International over Miami International because it's less crazy, less hassle, less traffic, and not as filled with never ending construction.

But when it comes to hitting up a restaurant for a quick bite before your flight, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International is considered one of the worst.

And we're talking in the world. Frankly, we always have a hard time finding the Cinnabon in this place, so we're prone to agree.

According to food website, The Daily Meal, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International ranks as the 11th worst airport for food. Palm Beach International, meanwhile, is considered even worse, coming in at number six in the rankings.

The website sought to rank the worst airports throughout the world (Beijing Capital International Airport in China comes is ranked as the worst of all), looking mainly at the busiest airports and airports closer to popular destinations.

Their editors then consulted with other travel editors, business travelers, well-traveled food experts, and put together a preliminary list of 100 airports. They then narrowed it down to eleven of the most disappointing airports for getting your grub on before take-off. According to the website, over 38 million trips were avoided because of bad food choices in airports.

"Our list isn't meant to dissuade folks from traveling to these fantastic destinations, but it is a culinary cautionary tale," Daily Meal's Lauren Mack says. "But it is a culinary cautionary tale. While most would expect airports in smaller countries like Nepal and the Turks and Caicos would be rustic at best, we were surprised to discover that some of the world's busiest airports had a depressing dearth of dining options, too."

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International's problem seems to be a lack of local-inspired eateries. From Daily Meal:

We hope the folks who avoid busier Miami International Airport in favor of the less congested Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport aren't hungry. While there's plenty of fast-food (Dunkin Donuts, Miami Subs, and Red Mango), we have to wonder why they haven't upped their game to compete with nearby MIA. Local Chef Allen Susser (of Miami's famed Chef Allen restaurant) opened up Burger Bar by Chef Allen in 2011 but we're disappointed it didn't inspire more local eateries to follow.

Palm Beach International Airport's problem seems to be mediocrity, according to the website, like Chili's Too and Sam Snead's.

So, there you have it. It's official.

Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport: great for convenience, terrible for food. Also, parking can be a total bitch, but that's a whole other list.

You can view Daily Meal's slide show rankings of the world's worst airports for food here.

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